Sustainable Home Styling

Are you interested in elevating the ~vibe~ of your home, apartment, or rental property but don't know where to begin? Haven offers sustainable home styling services in Vermont and New Hampshire within reasonable distance from the Northeast Kingdom*. 

Owner, Maggie Gray, has over ten years of experience sourcing vintage furniture individually and for friends. Buying vintage and secondhand became a lifestyle choice that eventually led to Haven's fruition. Haven home styling is sustainable in that furnishings and homewares will rarely (if ever) be purchased new and, instead, are vintage or contemporary secondhand items. Not buying new is a lifestyle choice in alignment with intentional purchasing practices for a better future and in direct opposition of modern disposability culture. 

Whether you're looking to shift your own purchasing preferences without sacrificing style or are trying to curate a beautiful interior that will attract renters year round, Haven can help you realize your goals. 

Initial consults cost $50-$200 depending on size and complexity of the project and typically take one to two hours. After initial consult, a conversation on which specific items you're looking to have sourced will take place where minimum and maximum dimensions are chosen, style preferences are communicated, and realistic budgets will be decided upon. Privately sourced items will have a $20 hourly charge added to the cost of item to account for travel time and effort put forth to find the perfect fit for your home. Fill out this form to get your project started. 

* As far West as Burlington, as far East as Bethlehem, and as far South as the Upper Valley.