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Haven Crewneck

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Introducing the Haven Crewneck. This crewneck is cozy, pre-shrunk, and ready to be worn. Orders placed today will be ready just in time for the Fall Solstice to grace your bod for all the brisk fall days and cozy nights to come. All logos and design work by the brilliant Mitchell Valenzuela.  

Available in Scour. "No dye, just raw, unbleached, 100% Recycled Cotton in all its earth-speckled glory, and with a really special texture to it." Click here to view the crewneck in Scour on the EVERYBODY.WORLD website for a more detailed look at the fabric and fit. 

Size Chart:

-Measurements are approximate and may deviate 1" due to variances in the garment dye process
-For a roomy and relaxed fit, we recommend ordering a size up
-Back design is 10" x 12" and will be printed in the same size on each garment

LENGTH 24” 25” 26” 27.5” 38” 29.5” 30.75"
CHEST 37" 41" 45" 49" 53" 55" 61"
SLEEVE 23.5" 24" 24.5" 25" 25.5" 26" 26.5"

Why an $80 sweatshirt?

At Haven, the mission is to create as little new waste as possible. Finding a way to bring you *very cool* merch while staying in-line with this mission proved to be quite the undertaking. Luckily, EVERYBODY.WORLD is a *very cool* brand based in L.A. that created a line of garments made from 100% Recycled Cotton manufacturing waste that is over 95% biodegradable (no microplastics!!) once its life has been lived. Read more about their mission here.

In choosing where to have this merch produced, the choice came down to choosing a less expensive product with a bigger footprint on our very special planet or a more expensive product that aligns with our vision and ethics.