who we are

sustainable practices

haven is, firstly, a vintage furniture and home goods shop and, secondly, a home goods boutique with an intentionally selected variety of new items that are either: made with materials focused on sustainability and waste reduction; crafted by small scale, independent artists; high quality, design-forward items that we feel confident will become the vintage collectibles we search for to fill the shop with; or all of the above.

all of the shipping materials and wrapping paper we use to package fragile items are second use or recycled.

accessible pricing

we began buying secondhand because of our limited budget and we do our very best to keep yours in mind, too. many boutique vintage shops price their items at the ceiling of the current market. at haven, we are committed to pricing our vintage items on the low end of current market value if not considerably below. we are happy to work with your budget whenever we can and are always open to discounting items for bulk buying.

quality over quantity

when it comes to the items you bring home to live with for your life, we would always rather sell you something once that will last a lifetime (for a higher price) than a trendy item built to fall apart or be thrown away. we are always happy to chat about the reason behind prices and the quality of the items in our shop.

Logo designs by Mitchell Valenzuela, 2021.